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We are also building a social platform WatsDaScoop.com, a place where you can share photos, share videos, share links, share events, share files, group chats, mobile chats, share blogs, upload music sounds, discussions, places of travel and lot's more! Stay in touch with loved ones, scam and spam FREE!! Yup...you read correctly, if a scammer or spammer joins da site, they will be removed immediately. We are a friendly community, there is no drama like many other social platforms. Come join us!! Stay healthy and be safe! We will be adding a lot of cool features in the future! We just ask you, to please respect each other. 


Join us by clicking here  Chat.WatsDaScoop.com 

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I worked on this video with filming and photography

Added a space 

Welcome to my space, i will be adding movies here.

Inside Rio de Janeiro favela at Night-Better then expected.......This YouTuber rocks!!!

Las Vegas Strip at Night 2021 Virtual Walking Tour - Treadmill Workout Video 🎧 Binaural Sound

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Old School Chicken Alfredo Recipe | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

I don't own these videos, i just love his videos! :)

Added a comment to Estela Nena 

Just stopping by to say hello.

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Welcome to "Amazing food videos!" Here i will be posting my top food videos, I love to learn how to make all kinds of dishes!!

I will be upgrading and adding new content of all kinds of videos related to great delicious and interesting foods from all over! :)

I don't own any content here, ENJOY!!!

New food group coming soon, stay tuned! Group!!! 

Transformers: Age Of Extinction: Infiltrating K.S.I.'s headquarters (HD CLIP)

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